Ghost Stories and My Addiction to Them

“And yes there was no one outside  but a old,wrinkled and sore hand stretched inside the house through the window”said my grandma,this was probably my first ever ghost ‘story’ which I ever heard when I was nearly four or five years old.This story really gave me the chills and i started believing in ghosts,as I knew my grandma won’t lie because every child knows that old people don’t lie.A Lie or whatever it was,this story changed my concept towards nature and especially towards the paranormal,lets actually keep it simple ghosts.Then I actually started growing up hearing stories from many people even including my mom.Even I insisted other people like my cousins to tell me more stories about the supernatural events.this events and concept had started to fascinate me,even though i didn’t love reading ghost stories much .But then there were also TV shows which even improved and also increased my imagination but still stories played an important role and this growing period was a real long story facing challenges,fears,getting over them.Then after a lot of years of growing when i actually turned 13 then i really started understanding the paranormal and supernatural around,moreover the TV shows actually helped a lot.Even my mom and my sister started hating me for taking a liking in these things because i had started loving them,they were the best,my life,i just loved them because these contained one element that i loved the most “Reality”.Even now i also love the supernatural and all these i even do some research if i get some time for this kind off work beacuse it requires a lot of patience and concentration.

Ufff that was like a lot of stuff spoken,but i actually have never faced the supernatural like in reality.Ya that’s right never but i still have a very strong belief for the supernatural and even the supernatural beings in our world like the mermaid and kraken and all that stuff.
I see it in future or not,but i will never leave my belief because,i am good at it.Anyways till death……not leaving my idea about the paranormal.

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house:

Now what do you think about this house???I think,hardly any ghost would like to live in such awesome house but if we have to agree to Mr. Calvino then i could say that the the spirit of the old owners roams in this house unless the neighborhood kids have tried some black magic.
haha haha.
till then lets meet again soon.

(btw i will start blogging soon after precisely 19th of May and will keep posting for you people about topics from day to day life)


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