The social philosophy in the Dark Knight Trilogy

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The Cinema Goon

Across the last 47 years, we’ve seen many Batman movies, but as you all know, none of the movies received a similar success as The Dark Knight Trilogy did. Why? It’s because the DK trilogy got the one ultimate superhero idea out of the picture, and focused more on other essential stuff that were put aside in the earlier movies. Instead of focusing on the fighting scenes and kicking the villain’s ass, the DK trilogy focused on the wrongs of modern society, and offered discussion about subjects such as fear and hope. So, we can say that these movies weren’t just superhero movies, they weren’t that shallow, having a philosophical concept across all three movies.

Warning: Minor spoilers may be mentioned in what comes next.


To start with, anyone who has watched Batman Begins should know that the corruption in Gotham City was a main subject in the movie. That…

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