And Now, The Top 10 Dong Scenes Of 2014 As Dictated By Mr. Skin’s Sister Site, Mr. Man


hunnam-butt copy

To much fanfare around the UPROXX offices, Mr. Skin released their annual list of the top ten nude scenes of 2014 today. Not to be overlooked, Mr. Skin’s sister site, Mr. Man has released a list of their own containing the top ten male nude scenes of 2014 — although in this case, not all of the scenes are actually from 2014. I just assume this is because female to male nudity scenes are like at a 20:1 ratio in the entertainment industry (and that’s being generous), and there wasn’t enough to mine from 2014. This is something that should be rectified immediately.

As with Mr. Skin’s list, Mr. Man tastefully pairs their list with cringe-inducing puns to effectively rob each scene of any actual sexual appeal. Also, the headline is a teensy inaccurate as most, but not all of these scenes contain dong. Some of them are just butt…

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