Toughen Up And Wince Your Way Through Dr. Cox’s Best Insults From ‘Scrubs’



John C. McGinley‘s Dr. Perry Cox was one of the most beloved characters on Scrubs, if not most sitcoms at the time. Because we were used to seeing him stand firm as an emotional block of ice, the few times things broke through and hit him deep were brilliant – most notably in “My Screw Up” and “My Lunch.” However, we were only able to appreciate these moments because he spent most of his time walking around Sacred Heart Hospital waiting to let loose on anyone who tested his extremely thin patience.

Whether he was delivering a verbal lashing in the form of a long-winded, overly-enunciated rant or a quick burn, Dr. Cox forced everyone he crossed (and Hugh Jackman) to make one of two choices: Walk on eggshells or get tough skin.

In honor of McGinley’s 56th birthday, we’re going to channel our inner J.D. and…

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